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Apathy & Hypocrisy: A Tale Of Two Quarterbacks


– By Hans Keller –

Okay so, this issue that I’m going to talk about has really been bothering me for the last year or so, ever since the arrival of a certain person.  The big elephant in the room… Timothy Richard Tebow.

Before I go any farther, let me just state that I have absolutely nothing against Tebow the man, or the football player.  I think he’s a genuine person who truly cares about whatever he does and whatever he fights for.  I think that he’s a good teammate and, on a personal level, I’m sure that he’s a positive role model for people everywhere – from the folks at home to the guys in the locker room.  And let me also say that what I am going to talk about is not his fault at all.

Now, all of that being out in the open, I will begin…

There is a giant disparity within the fanbase and media of the New York Jets.  We all see what the media does every day, writing garbage articles filled with uneducated opinions and, lately, complete guesses that end up falling way off the mark.  The most glaring disparity of all is that between the treatment of Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.  Again, this is not Tebow’s fault.  But the amount of trash that I’ve seen lately is just absolutely laughable.

Tim Tebow: On a pedestal?

Tim Tebow: On a pedestal?

Ever since he was brought aboard last spring, ESPN treated their air time seemingly as a Tim Tebow special. They took every chance to discredit everyone else and praise Tim Tebow – despite the fact that he was merely the backup quarterback.  They even devoted time to a segment that honored his BIRTHDAY!! When was the last time ESPN dedicated time to honor Joe Montana’s birthday? What about Peyton Manning? Tom Brady?  Terry Bradshaw?  No. They’re not good enough?  Just Timmy merits that kind of treatment.

Let’s take into account recent events:  Mark Sanchez decided that, in order to get a head start on acquainting himself with Marty Mornhinweg’s offensive system, he would seek the assistance of someone who has had experience within it – Jeff Garcia – to which I say, good on him.  The guy quite seriously had the worst season of his professional career, and he really needs to rebound.  Yet, you see social media comments such as: “Garcia should advise Sanchez to go to the CFL”; “I don’t think Sanchez is ready to admit he has done his best and he is not good enough.” And “Haha Sanchy! Quit trying bro, you’re garbage.”

Sanchez and Tebow at work in the 2012 offseason.

Sanchez and Tebow at work in the 2012 offseason.

Nobody is denying that Sanchez had a horrible year and, quite frankly, should have been benched way sooner than he actually was.  Nobody is denying the QB situation was mishandled.  But the hypocrisy! No jokes for Tim Tebow doing Tai-chi with the QB coach of USC screw-up Matt Leinart and potential draft bust Matt Barkley.

The same people who said that they don’t care what Mark Sanchez does in the off-season because it won’t be enough, admire Tim Tebow for having “SO MUCH HEART!”

It’s sick.

Personally? I say good on both of them.  I don’t need to spite one to praise the other because frankly, for me, it’s never been about the name on the back –  I’m 24/7 about the name on the front.  I’m about what’s best for our team.  I think David Garrard has the potential to win this QB competition if he stays healthy, but if Mark Sanchez is the QB heading into week one of the regular season, I’ll support him because he wears a Jets uniform.

Other team’s fans do it, so why the hell can’t we?!

Do you think Jets fans are being fair to Mark Sanchez? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Or why not get in touch with Hans (@ItsOasus) directly on Twitter?


3 comments on “Apathy & Hypocrisy: A Tale Of Two Quarterbacks

  1. matr a. dontelli iii
    April 18, 2013

    unfortunately too many jets fans buy into the trash they see on espn, or read in nyp, nydn or yahoo. i saw a dimwit on another site claiming that the white fans hate him because he is of mexican descent! then the idiot claimed (of course you have to try to look intelligent after embarrassing yourself like that) to be a college professor. i have a hard time reading the comments on that site anymore. if it were any more yahooish people would be posting ‘first’. it is understandable that people hold last season against him, but unless garrard puts it all together and plays like he’s 28 our best hope is the mark plays well. and fairness, like insight are hard to come by in the local or national media

  2. lou lenti
    April 18, 2013

    The jets were nearly destroyed bt Mike T.He kept aging players,and really never gave the young kids a chance to perform. I think Idzik is different-he will demand
    competition,whether the player is a #1 pick or a U.D.F.A.The jets need players,not
    media stars. Sanchez had a lousy season-he needs alot of offensive help.I believe
    that if he has players around him,that he will prove to be a much better qb than he is
    given credit for.Lat season,no qb would have done better than he did-the jets had
    many injuries,and darned few offensive weapons.I fervently hope that he and the Jets have a great,winning season!!

  3. Corey
    April 21, 2013

    Wow thank you. Finally someone who looks at this with a clear perspective. If the Jets would have focused their Tebow money on a viable WR and saved that draft pick then maybe they could have drafted a RB. I’ll admit, Sanchez had a very bad year and struggled a lot at times. However, Sparano sucked at calling plays and we lacked offensive playmakers.

    Personally, I believe Sanchez can succeed but he needs some help. And honestly, I think getting David Lee in and Marty Mornhinweg in can only help him improve. I like that Sanchez took it upon himself to work out with Garcia and dive into Marty’s WCO.

    Here’s what the Jets need to do on offense: Trade for Ivory, Sign Braylon, Draft TE, Draft OG, Draft WR. I noticed you included Tavon Austin at #13 for Jets and I think he would be a stud in Marty’s system.

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