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Mock Draft: Rebuilding After Revis


– By Henry Strawder –

The New York Jets will go into the 2013 NFL draft with a pick in all seven rounds, and with needs at multiple positions, general manager John Idzik and his scouting department will need to maximize the value of each and every one of those picks. As it now seems like almost a foregone conclusion that star cornerback Darrelle Revis will be traded to Tampa Bay at some point before the draft, this mock draft will reflect that trade.

jordanFirst Round (9) – New York Jets select Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon.

The Jets have lacked a true pass rusher ever since John Abraham was traded to the Atlanta Falcons. Dion Jordan is an athletic specimen – standing at 6’6”, 248 lbs, he is also incredibly fast. He ran a 4.6 forty at the combine and his arms measure in at an impressive 34”, and we all know Rex loves those fast edge rushers with long arms so they can get separation.  The only knock against Jordan is that he is too lanky and needs to put on some extra weight to play at the NFL level. Adding bulk may slow him down. With recently signed LB Antwan Barnes already on the roster, adding Jordan would help to create a formidable pass rush. Having Barnes, Jordan, Coples, and Wilkerson in the front seven would give offensive coordinators and quarterbacks some serious headaches.

Second Round (13): Tavon Austin.First Round (13 from Tampa) – New York Jets select Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia.

If there’s one thing that the Jets offense severely lacks, that’s playmakers. Santonio Holmes is coming off the dreaded Lisfranc injury, Jeremy Kerley operates best out of the slot, and Stephen Hill could use some stick ‘em. The offense needs someone who can be accounted for wherever he is on the field, whether that’s outside the numbers, in the slot, or even in the backfield. That’s why the Jets desperately need to select Tavon Austin. Austin is super-fast – running a 4.34 in the forty at the combine, and he’s a threat to score a TD from anywhere on the field. In his last two seasons at WVU, he logged 215 receptions, 2,475 yds, 20 TD, coupled with 88 rushing attempts, 825 yds, 4 TD. Whoever the starting QB is, all they would have to do is flip Austin the ball, stand back, and watch him make something out of it.

Second Round (39) – New York Jets select Giovani Bernard, RB, North Carolina.

The Jets current crop of running backs features Bilal Powel, Mike Goodson, Joe McKnight, and John Griffin. Goodson and Powell will most likely battle it out in camp for the right to be named as the starting back, with McKnight (if he’s retained) rotating in on occasion. Powell is a good situational player but he’s just not an every down back. The Jets need a runner that can move the chains on a consistent basis – North Carolina’s Gio Bernard can run the ball effectively and is also a threat in the passing game. He is quick – running a 4.53 in the forty at the combine – and he compares to CJ Spiller and Jamaal Charles. The major knock on him is that much like Spiller he has a hard time in pass protection. If the Jets do draft Bernard, they will most likely say bye to McKnight.

Bacarri RamboThird Round (72) – New York Jets select Bacarri Rambo, FS, Georgia.

As it stands right now, the Jets starting safeties are Josh Bush and Antonio Allen. They can’t possibly think that these two players are the answer, can they? After letting LaRon Landry leave for the Colts, Idzik will most likely find his replacement through the draft, and free safety Bacarri Rambo should be available for the Jets in the third round. Rambo had 73 tackles, 3 INT, and 3 fumble recoveries in ten games last season despite being suspended for the first four games due to a failed drug test. He plays both the run and pass well but is also known as being a bit of a gambler at times. The Jets need a safety with excellent cover skills that can match up against the Patriots’ Gronkowski and Hernandez tandem, and now you can also add in new Dolphins tight end Dustin Keller. Baccari Rambo would be a great addition for the Jets and you know his jersey would be a popular seller.

Tyrann MathieuThird Round (73 from Tampa) – New York Jets select Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU.

In this world where the Jets have traded CB Darrelle Revis, they will most likely need to draft another cornerback. Antonio Cromartie will take over the role of shutdown corner (a job he excelled at last year), and Kyle Wilson will probably move over to the other side of the field. Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu will be able to start as the slot CB right away and will eventually outperform Wilson and replace him. Mathieu excels in man coverage and can run all over the field with whoever he’s covering. His 5’9” frame is no hindrance to the LSU star, as he still finds way to fight and compete for jump balls. Mathieu has off the field issues (substance abuse) and is currently getting treatment for those problems. Drafting the “Honey Badger” will go a long way towards giving some much needed attitude back to a team that seemed to lack passion in 2012.

AB2_original_display_imageFourth Round (104) – New York Jets select Alvin Bailey, OG, Arkansas.

The Jets let Brandon Moore and Matt Slauson walk in free agency and signed injury-plagued veteran guard Willie Colon as a replacement. The largely unproven Vlad Ducasse is also slated to get in some playing time at that position. The Jets badly need more depth on the line and Bailey would be a great addition for that reason. The Razorback is quick on his feet and strong, which will serve him well in Marty Mornhinweg’s preferred zone-heavy system.

NCAA Football: Senior BowlFifth Round (134) – New York Jets select Zac Dysert, QB, Miami (OH).

It’s hard to imagine Dysert lasting this long but stranger things have happened. Word is that the Jets really like Dysert and have been interested in him since Senior Bowl practices. Yes they have plenty of quarterbacks on the roster as it is, but the prospect of adding a young signal-caller with tons of potential surely has to interest Idzik. In his Senior season he completed 302 passes for 3,483 yds with 25 TD and 12 INT. Scouts compare him to another Miami (OH) QB, Ben Roethlisberger. If Dysert turns out to be anywhere near as good as Big Ben, the Jets and Woody Johnson will be feeling pretty happy about themselves.

NCAA Football: Senior BowlSixth Round – New York Jets select Duke Williams, SS, Nevada.

Williams had 105 tackles, 1 INT, and 3 forced fumbles last season for the Wolf Pack. He is a former sprinter who possesses lethal speed which helps him to recover and track down balls in the air. He also displays great balance and fluidity, and is able to stay with a receiver, back or tight end. As I mentioned earlier, the defense is short on safeties and Williams would most likely have no problem in beating out Bush and Allen.

image (2)Seventh Round – New York Jets select Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook.

A local prospect, Maysonet has already drawn interest from the Jets. He recorded 267 carries for 1,964 yds, with 21 TD. Scouts compare him to current Redskins starting RB Alfred Morris. Like Morris, Maysonet makes one cut and hits the hole, and he is very consistent and decisive. These attributes will not go unnoticed by Mornhinweg. A big negative is that he hasn’t had much experience of catching the ball out of the backfield – he has snared just 18 passes for 191 yds in the last three seasons.

What’s your opinion of this mock draft? Would you be tempted to trade Revis so that the roster can be reloaded? Or do you think there’s already enough depth without accumulating extra picks? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.


9 comments on “Mock Draft: Rebuilding After Revis

    March 29, 2013


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  3. matr dontelli iii
    March 31, 2013

    rIvIs is a future hall of famer. we gave up a 1st and 3rd to get him we need to get back a ridiculous haul to make the trade worthwhile. first and second this year and a first next year, at the very least. plenty of cap space next year. no need to trade him on another team’s terms. if we must we can trade cro next year and use the savings to help pay rivIs salary.

    • Korwil (@KorwilCom)
      April 1, 2013

      I’ve heard this as an option because of the way we restructured Cromartie’s contract. Jets can still afford Revis next yr if they release Cro, but I think Woody Johnson wants to see what he can get for him instead of paying $12+ mil per year for one corner coming off an ACL tear.

      In my opinion, I would not trade him unless I get this years first and third and possibly a 6th next year. If we trade him and Bucs end up playing well then our first rd pick might not be til 24-32 and 2nd rd pick would be in the 55-60 ballpark. If we are trading a player who is a top-5 pick then I just do not see that as good compensation.

      If we could get picks 9 and 13 I’d trade down the #9 pick (unless Dee Millner dropped).

      • Henry Strawder
        April 3, 2013

        Couldn’t agree more, well said!

  4. Korwil (@KorwilCom)
    April 1, 2013

    Would prefer this:
    Hopkins (if available) | Patton
    Robert Alford

    This would be a draft I’d like, not that I do not like yours. The only problem I have with yours is I’d rather take only 1 safety and take a TE since that’s a large area of need. Also, I went Eifert so high because I believe he can be a three down TE and become a one of the better ones in the league.

    My real vote would be to trade down our #9 overall pick and try to get another 1st and 2nd with it.

    • Henry Strawder
      April 3, 2013

      Trading down is always an option I would be happy with, but Tannenbaum always did the opposite, let’s hope Idzik has a different strategy. This team has way too many holes to fill.

      This mock was the tenth version I did. Many times I had San Diego St. TE Gavin Escobar being selected in the 3rd, but then I figured the Jets would address that position via free agency. To me their is a much larger glaring need at Safety than at TE. Jeff Cumberland has shown progress the last two years, and he may prove productive in this new WCO. At safety the team has Josh Bush and Antonio Allen, who have very limited playing time, and I feel Rambo and Williams could start over both of those safeties.

  5. arraymediafirm
    April 2, 2013

    I am not in favor of trading Revis. If (when) the Jets do I would prefer picks for next years draft (#DownForTheClown) or at least a No. 1 in next year’s draft and a 2nd-rd pick in this year’s.

    • Henry Strawder
      April 3, 2013

      I too am in favor of receiving picks for next year. There was a rumor that TB was offering their 2014 1st,2nd round picks but what if they make the playoffs next year? You could make the case by adding Revis and S Dashon Goldson, they will sure up that secondary and address their most glaring weakness. So if the Bucs make the playoffs the Jets will be getting a pick between 25-32, and a low 2nd rounder. If they trade Revis they have to get this year’s first, since the value is much higher.

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